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Green Don't waste time clock

Green Don't waste time clock

Color: Green

Long side: 21 cm 

Short side:11 cm

Clock hands: transparent and green. 

Diameter: 12.5cm

Material: PLA ( biodegradable material from corn) 

Made in 3d printed 

By Commes des Machines 

Made in Bilbao, Spain


By order: one month delivery time 


Time is an abstract and at the same time concrete, real dimension. Each person perceives time differently. Every situation we live in shortens or lengthens time. There is Time to enjoy not doing and there is Time to DO, to ACT. There is never time to lose. But there is also Time to get lost and to find oneself.


This table clock continues the study of form and function that we have been working on for two years with the Periscopes collection. A single form that seeks different utilities, in this case to measure time, but also to observe it.  By means of needles with geometric shapes, the rhythm of time is set by each person, the one they want at any given moment. 


Manufactured in 3d printing by @commesdesmachine, through pla, a derivative of corn, that organic origin also perceived through its rounded shape and its colors, makes a call not to waste time and take care of nature. Where it comes from and where it will go. It represents a tribute to the nature to which we belong and a call to action to take care of it. 


The 5% of the amount of the sale of each unit will go to the Reforesta Association, which cares for and protects the mountains of the community of Madrid. 



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