Silver In Transit cushion

Silver In Transit cushion

This cushion designed with a handle and a pocket and made of a quilted fabric with a metallic finish allows us to carry it easily and store light but commonly used objects. 

InTransit Collection is a collection designed for a present in which people live faster and faster, where people live in smaller and smaller places, where the new generations will be the new digitalized nomads who will live with few objects, but of quality, durable, valuable and exciting, that transmit a philosophy with which they identify, consumers of emotions, feelings and life, we wanted to design for those future timeless homes and that human movement. 

Our commitment to the production of consumer goods has always obliged us to act responsibly towards ourselves, our environment and consumers. Therefore, we have always tried to be as consistent as possible with the consumption chain, trying to fill it with value. On this occasion, we have tried to go a step further, collaborating with a Social Project, making them in a workshop formed by women at risk of social exclusion in Madrid. Ellas lo bordan , which is part of the Ashoka Foundation Project, where a trade and family coverage is offered to women in transit who are looking for new opportunities in uncertain futures.

size: 60x60 cm 

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