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Mirror Periscope Orange

Mirror Periscope Orange

SKU: 21554345656

Color: Orange

Total height: 36 cm

Diameter ; 12.5cm

Mirror diameter: 12, 5 cm

By order_ one mont delivery time


As a result of the observation and research work by the designer during the months of confinement due to the COVID 19 pandemic of common plumbing parts that were in their environment, specifically the elbows used in plumbing, these pieces emerged to to combine the previous work that he had done with mirrors, designing a new piece with the shape of a Periscope (an instrument for observation from a hidden position). This is how a new interpretation of the old dressing tables emerged, making them a versatile and contemporary piece. Made of PLA, biogredable material printed in 3d by Commes des Machine, this object is made up of 4 pieces that are assembled and disassembled to obtain parts and functions again.


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