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Tray Red Totem TRT

Tray Red Totem TRT

Tray Red Totem is the new piece created by the U-ak studio, which travels between the sculptural object and the functional object. It seeks to bring contemporary and avant-garde design to gastronomy as a table accessory through the intensity of colour, the strength of textures and the elegance of organic shapes. 


The creation of this piece arises from the need to provide gastronomy with a design object that would fulfil the function of being an aesthetic and vanguardist support on which to place the food, enhancing it. At the same time, the idea was to use it to store cutlery or chopsticks during gastronomic evenings. 


The aim was to create a poetic piece through its material and texture that could be used in different ways. 


It is precisely this creative research on the part of the client, one of the main axes of U-ak's work, always trying to enhance creativity, making infinite pieces that never end up being the form for which they were originally designed. 


The piece plays at breaking down into different pieces: a tray and two containers that can be used independently or together. In addition to the original gastronomic concept, it can also be used as an accessory for stationery objects on a desk or simply as a sculpture. 


Made by the Bilbao company @commesdesmachines, specialised in 3D printing, it has been made using PLA, a biodegradable material of vegetable origin. 


This new U-ak piece has been selected to participate in the next Dutch Design Week in October by Isola. It will be its official presentation and I am very proud to be able to present it there. 



Dimensions and material

RED Totem Tray 


Overall dimension: 25 cm 

Diameter: 12,5 cm 

Bottom container : 12cm + 2 cm of closure. Rough surface 

Upper container: 13 cm. Rough surface 

Tray: 30 cm long by 20 cm wide. Smooth surface. 

Deep red colour 

Table accessory 

Material: pla. Material of vegetable origin. Corn. Biodegradable

Technique: 3d printing

3d production company: Commes des Machine



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