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U-ak Bag

U-ak Bag


50 cm round 


100% cotton

Made in Madrid, Spain 

Product made by Customizando, a sewing workshop formed by women at risk of social exclusion.

Hand wash with cold water


This  bag is made of 100% natural cotton and are manufactured in Customizando, a social reintegration workshop located in Madrid that offers and trains women at risk of social exclusion to learn a trade and to be able to live in a dignified way sewing and pattern making.


For this collection we have also had the collaboration of Commes des Machine, a company that leads innovation in 3D printing and that have made our logo in PLA, a biodegradable material. By means of brooches, it allows the exchange in other objects.  


With this collection we are looking for organic, utopian and dreamlike forms, undefined, that through the materials and folds of the fabric makes us travel to the subtlety of the forms. 

The handle of the bag, through the folds it contains, evokes a Japanese garment that adapts kindly to the shoulder, giving warmth to the product. 


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